Remotely accessible amateur astrophotography equipment

The telescopes:

  • Cecilia - Celestron Nexstar 6SE, with EQ-wedge and Canon 60D

Named after Cecilia Payne, a British-American astrophysicist who discovered that stars were made up of hydrogen. This telescope is assembled and will be accessible to TFT from the end of February. Automation and Patron access will come shortly after.

  • Eleanor - Skywatcher 200PDS, autoguided with ASI290MM, prime imager: ASI1600MM-Pro, LRGB filters, mounted on EQ6-R German Equatorial Mount

Named after Eleanor Burbidge, a British-American astrophysicist known for theorising that all elements were formed in stars, and for directing the Royal Greenwich Observatory. This telescope is currently being funded both internally by TFT and by our Patrons, and will be assembled in the coming months.


TFT.Gaze is a new project to build a remotely accessible robotic amateur observatory.

We will be setting up two telescopes - a Celestron 6SE with a Canon DSLR, providing live video observing, and a Skywatcher 200PDS with autoguiding and cooled, dedicated astronomy CMOS camera.

The current plan is to build as much autonomy as we can into the telescope very early on - staring with an Intel NUC computer and arduino controlled dew heater system.  After this remote PC and dew monitoring is set up with the 6SE mounted on our final astrophotography mount, we will invest in an autoguiding telescope, sensitive CMOS camera for planetary, small deep sky objects, and guiding, and finally the Skywatcher 200PDS. Afterwards, we will build in a second, much higher resolution/FoV prime imaging camera, and then look to set up the telescopes semi-permanently.

More information can be found in our blog, however most updates will be Patron only.

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