Joe barnard

A videographer by trade, in the last year or two Joe has become one of the leading developers of model rocket stabilisation.  Through his company, Joe has released Signal Alpha, an initial avionics package, with significantly upgraded models on the way.


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Barnard Propulsion Systems develops model rocketry components, aimed at closely matching the pace of advancement in the space-launch industry. Learning by experimentation is the most effective way to gain a deep understanding of new concepts, which is why providing hands-on experience with advanced rocketry components is important for the next generation of scientists, engineers, and astronauts.

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SIGNAl avionics

The Signal Avionics system makes model rockets more realistic by enabling thrust vectoring at the model scale.

The Signal flight computer controls parachutes, thrust vectoring, high speed data logging, and an emergency in-flight abort system. Most flights remain within 3 degrees of their initial orientation; not only making rockets more realistic, but safer as well.

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 Falcon Heavy

Joe created a 1/48 scale Falcon Heavy model as a flagship project to show off the capabilities of the new Signal Avionics system.  Featuring four individual flight computers, 10 in flight separation events, and 108 data logging channels, the BPS Falcon Heavy is the most advanced scale model rocket on the planet.