The Flame Trench is operated as a non-profit organisation.  All funding we raise is put towards development of our flagship projects.  We are very keen to establish relationships with industrial partners and work towards being an influential participant in amateur rocketry, spacecraft engineering, and STEM outreach in both Britain and the US.

Interested in sponsoring us?  Get in contact below!

PCBCart are a Chinese PCB fabricator and assembler offering extremely high quality fabrication in a number of advanced technologies at a reasonable price, with fast turnaround! 

They join us as our primary electronics sponsor.


Oshpark are a US based PCB fabricator specialising in serving the maker industry.  They have incredibly quick turnaround, great prices, and a fantastic build quality!

They join us as our secondary electronics sponsor.

Stargazer Patrons

Our projects would not be possible without the generous contributions of our Patrons, found here.

In particular we would like to personally thank our Stargazer tier Patrons:

  • Howard

  • Dick Embry

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